GEO Restoration Services

Experienced Personnel • Hands On Management • Built In Integrity

GRI offers services that are scientifically sound and regulatory compliant. Our rates are the most reasonable in Northern California due to our smaller size and less overhead. Projects adhere to set schedules and are managed to give our customers the results they want within a reasonable time frame. Our experience includes bulk fuel plants, airports, hospitals, service stations, school districts, government facilities, commercial businesses, and private residences.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

GRI offers high vacuum/high volume soil vapor extraction and dual-phase extraction systems. We provide and operate these mobile systems using various sites air board permits. If local discharge permits for treated water can be obtained, immediate setup, startup, and site remediation activities can be implemented on the same day the permit takes effect.

The systems are designed to quickly remove volatile contaminants, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, and other volatile organic compounds. In addition, we have in-house equipment to provide pump and treat, sparging, and subsurface injection of oxidation products.

GRI can work with your consultant providing support services or conduct total turn-key site remediation—including corrective action workplans, permitting, project management, supply and operate a treatment system, and reporting. We provide the same range of services at both fuel release sites and solvent release sites.

Additional services for site closures, such as risk assessments or verification sampling, are also available. If the project is enrolled in the State of California Underground Storage Tank Fund Program, GRI can prepare reimbursement requests.

Site Investigations

GRI has conducted numerous soil and groundwater investigations and can provide workplans, project management, technical support, and reports.

Soil and Groundwater Sampling

GRI employs fully-trained Hazwoper certified technicians for soil sampling and groundwater sampling. GRI can prepare sampling plans, conduct field sampling, provide project management and engineering support, and prepare reports.

Groundwater Monitoring

For extended monitoring projects, GRI can provide all phases for a groundwater monitoring program—including sampling plans, conducting field sampling, providing project management, and the preparation and submittal of the required reports.

Other Services – GRI’s trained staff can provide:

  • Environmental property assessments (Phase 1 reports);
  • Site screening investigations prior to property development;
  • Tank removal support (third party sampling, project management, and reporting);
  • Waste disposal (characterization, project management, and reporting);
  • Facility Closure including preparation of a closure plan, project management, verification sampling, waste management/disposal coordination, and closure reports).