Lightning Fast Clean-Up!

One of GRI’s success stories is a property located in San Jose near the University of Santa Clara. The site is a former dry cleaning operation. The future use of the property is for high-density residential.

The contaminant to be extracted from the soil is PCE, mainly in an area 50 x 100 feet in size. The cost to dig and dispose the contaminated soil was bid by subcontractors in the range of $400,000. Holy Cow that’s a lot of moula!

But not to fear with GRI to the rescue. Not only did we save the soil, we saved our client’s wallet from severe damage.

With one of our mobile units, GRI has to date completed two months of soil vapor extraction and removed 40.5 gallons of PCE from the soil. Holy Cow #2 that’s a lot of product!

Initial verification tests indicate that the soil has been cleaned up to near residential clean-up levels (ESLs). The property is nearing the stage that our client hired us to obtain: Clean up to sell.

We await DTSC’s reaction to GRI’s rapid reduction in soil concentrations. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, GRI continues with other super fast clean-ups. Or as we say around here, business as usual.

Extraction well network; all above ground; low cost installation.
Mobile Treatment System: with air treatment carbon canisters required by Air Board. Non-catalytic mode of operation.