Take Me Out to the Ball Game

You can’t work seven days a week every week. I know, I’ve tried! Every once in awhile you need to take a Sunday off. When you do, I have a great suggestion how to spend the day.

Here’s where I was last Sunday:

Outside Giants Stadium:

Willie McCovey statue--baseball, America, and the homeless.

Outside the entrance:

Tribute to Tim Lincecum:

Tribute to The Panda:

Inside the ballpark:

A perfect day for a baseball game.

The players are announced:

Aubrey Huff - A crowd favorite.

Giants fans cheer their team!
Where strategic decisions are being made...or maybe they're just watching a great game.

7th Inning Stretch:

One-two-three strikes you're out!

Brian Wilson closes out the game:

Wearing his lucky orange cleats.

This says it all:

SF Giants beat the Padres 3-0 to clinch the NL West Division Title.

After the game:

Giants take a victory lap.
Giants fans walk the bases.

Celebrating at the ClubHouse:

Lincecum exhibit.
Giants' heroes of yesteryear.

Next Sunday: Giants vs the Braves in Atlanta.